Advanced Tips for Optimizing Core Web Vitals on Shopify

Preloading Critical Resources

Preloading critical resources ensures they are fetched early, speeding up rendering and improving the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

Non-Essential JavaScript

Deferring non-essential JavaScript helps reduce initial load time, enhancing First Input Delay (FID) by allowing critical scripts to load first.

Shopify's Liquid Code

Efficient Liquid code reduces server response times and overall page load times, leading to better performance metrics.

Service Workers

Service workers cache resources more efficiently, providing faster subsequent load times and improving LCP by fetching cached assets.

Computing and CDNs

Edge computing reduces latency by processing data closer to the user, and CDNs ensure fast global content delivery, enhancing all Core Web Vitals.

Optimizing Fonts

Using modern font formats, preloading key font files, and implementing font-display: swap; ensures fast font loading and improved LCP and CLS.

Advanced tips to optimize Core Web Vitals on your Shopify store.