Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources in Shopify


Render-Blocking Resources

Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, or Lighthouse to identify CSS and JavaScript files that delay page rendering.

CSS and JavaScript Files

Minify and combine files to reduce their size and the number of HTTP requests, improving load times.

Defer Non-Essential JavaScript

Use the defer attribute on script tags to ensure non-essential JavaScript loads after the HTML is fully parsed.

Asynchronous Loading for JavaScript

Apply the async attribute to scripts that aren’t critical for the initial render, so they load asynchronously.

Lazy Load Images and Videos

Implement lazy loading for images and videos to defer their loading until they are needed in the viewport.

Monitor and Optimize Regularly

Continuously monitor your store’s performance using optimization tools and make adjustments as necessary to maintain speed.

Boost your Shopify store speed by eliminating render-blocking resources