From Clicks to Sales: GA4 Conversion Tracking Essentials for Shopify

Create a Google Analytics 4 Property

Log in to Google Analytics, create a new GA4 property, and configure your property details and data streams.

Set Up GA4 in Shopify

Log in to Shopify, install Google Analytics, add your GA4 Measurement ID, and enable Enhanced Ecommerce.

Configure Conversion Events

Identify key conversion points, set up events in GA4, and mark them as conversions for tracking.

Install Google Tag Manager

Create a GTM account, add the GTM code to your Shopify store, and set up tags and triggers for your GA4 events.

Test Your Setup

Use DebugView and real-time reports in GA4 to test and ensure accurate data collection.

Analyze and Optimize

Regularly analyze your GA4 conversion data, identify trends, and optimize your store based on insights to increase sales.

Optimize Shopify sales with GA4 conversion tracking.