How to apply re canonical tags to Shopify?

Understanding Canonical Tags

Canonical tags signal to search engines the preferred version of a webpage, crucial for Shopify stores to avoid duplicate content issues.

Identifying Duplicate Content Issues

Use tools like Google Search Console to pinpoint duplicate URLs and pages with similar content on your Shopify store.

Applying Canonical Tags in Shopify

Steps for adding canonical tags include ensuring unique product variant URLs, specifying canonical URLs for collections, blogs, and custom pages, and manually adding tags where necessary.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Regularly check for changes or updates that may affect canonicalization, use SEO auditing tools to identify new duplicate content issues, and stay informed about changes in search engine algorithms.

Utilizing Canonical Tags for Product

Shopify automatically adds canonical tags to product pages, referencing the primary product URL.

Optimizing Blog Posts with Canonical Tags

Shopify automatically adds canonical tags to blog posts, but it's crucial to avoid duplicating blog content across different URLs.

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