How to Develop a Custom Shopify Theme From Scratch

Shopify Theme Structure

Themes consist of various templates, sections, snippets, and assets such as stylesheets and JavaScript files.

Create a New Theme

Start by creating a new theme in your Shopify store's admin panel. Go to Online Store > Themes > Upload Theme, and then create a new development theme.

HTML Structure

Shopify uses Liquid, its own templating language, so make sure to integrate Liquid tags where necessary.

CSS Styling

You can either write your CSS from scratch or use a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS for faster development.

Shopify Liquid Templating

Integrate Shopify Liquid tags and objects into your HTML to dynamically display content such as products, collections, and metafields.


Ensure that your theme is keyboard navigable, has descriptive alt text for images, and provides sufficient color contrast.

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