How to Optimize CLS to Prevent Layout Shifts on Shopify

CLS Description

By tracking unanticipated format adjustments, CLS tracks visible balance and improves person revel in via way of means of preserving data from transferring unpredictably.

Reserving Space for Images and Ads

To keep away from format changes as snap shots and marketing and marketing load, pre-allocate area for them the usage of unique width and peak properties.

Avoiding Content Injection

Load new cloth under the fold or at the lowest of the web page to save you format adjustments via way of means of stopping insertion above present elements.

Using Font Loading Strategies

Applying Techniques for Font Loading To make sure that textual content remains seen and keep away from format shifts resulting from font loading

Dynamic Content with Care

For dynamic content material inclusive of widgets and iframes, make use of placeholders and set constant dimensions.

Minimizing Layout Shifts During Load

To assure that gadgets are as it should be scaled and located from the beginning, load critical sources first and make use of rel="preload" for important assets.

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