Shopify SEO for Image and Video Content: Optimization Techniques

Optimize Image Alt Text

Alt text is a crucial element for SEO as it provides context to search engine crawlers about the content of your images.

Compress Image Files

Large image files can slow down your site's loading speed, affecting user experience and SEO rankings.

Choose Descriptive File Names

Before uploading images to your Shopify store, rename the files with descriptive keywords related to the image.

Utilize Image Sitemaps

Create an image sitemap for your Shopify store to help search engines discover and index your images more efficiently.

Optimize Video Thumbnails

Choose attention-grabbing and relevant thumbnail images that accurately represent the video content.

Create Video Transcripts

Providing transcripts for your videos can benefit SEO by offering textual content that search engines can crawl.

Optimize Images & Videos for Shopify SEO