Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Google Search Console to Your Shopify Store

Create a Google Search Console Account

Visit the Google Search Console website, sign in with your Google account, and add your Shopify store URL as a new property.

Enter Your Shopify Store URL

Enter your Shopify store’s URL in the URL prefix field and click Continue to proceed with the verification process.

Verify Site Ownership

Select the HTML tag verification method and copy the provided HTML tag for your store.

Insert the HTML tag in Shopify

Log in to Shopify, navigate to Online Store > Themes, edit your theme’s code by pasting the HTML tag into the <head> section of the theme.liquid file, and save the changes.

Complete Verification in Google Search Console

Return to Google Search Console, click Verify, and confirm successful verification of your store.

Submit Your Sitemap

Go to the Sitemaps section in Google Search Console, enter sitemap.xml in the “Add a new sitemap” field, and submit it.

Add Google Search Console to optimize your Shopify store