Features of Perksy Memberships App


Simple Tier Management

Set up and manage member tiers in three steps by removing obstacles from loyalty program administration.

Exclusive Member Perks

You can quickly provide delivery discounts, welcome gifts, and savings on selected collections and products, which will help with membership sign-ups and maintain continuity.

Customization Ease

Perksy membership apps provide tailor-made member portals and product page widgets to reflect your brand's identity efficiently.

Engaging Communication

You can automatically send customized emails to clients and merchants to acknowledge their purchases and send premium membership updates.

Valuable Insights

Track user interactions and glean key performance metrics through the app's analytics.

Personalized offers

Alter the lasting connections with customized discounts and offers that serve each member's unique recommendations and preferences. So, whether it's a personalized discount or tailored recommendations.

Unlock loyalty,  embrace tailored experience with Perksy Memberships App