Seamless Recurring Memberships and Engage Members

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Enhance client loyalty

Our Inclusive Preksy membership app ensures a Hassle-Free experience. Discover the power of seamless recurring membership to boost lasting client loyalty.

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Exclusive offers

Get the special discounts and offers developed to reward loyalty and amplify engagement. From special discounts to customized perks, our platform ensures that each member feels appreciated and valued.

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Personalized offers

Alter the lasting connections with customized discounts and offers that serve each member's unique recommendations and preferences. So, whether it's a personalized discount or tailored recommendations.

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About Perksy Membership Apps

Perksy Membership Apps help merchants develop and manage member tiers easily. Recurring memberships may also help you establish solid customer tiers. In addition, you can easily customize member portals and widgets for product pages. Perksy Membership app also offers special perks like delivery discounts, welcome gifts, and savings on collections and products. Emails are sent to both customers and Merchants regarding purchases and membership updates. You can also add various tiers and set the billing frequency as per your reference.

  • Add various tiers and set the billing frequency as per your preference.
  • Offer Special discounts, complimentary shipping, and a welcome gift to members.
  • Customize and auto-send emails upon membership update and purchase.
  • Customize and auto-send emails upon membership update and purchase.
  • You can easily personalize member tier widgets that suit your brand.
  • Analytics offer essential insights into user performance and behavior metrics.

Features of Perksy Memberships App

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Simple Tier Management

Set up and manage member tiers in three steps by removing obstacles from loyalty program administration.

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Exclusive Member Perks

You can quickly provide delivery discounts, welcome gifts, and savings on selected collections and products, which will help with membership sign-ups and maintain continuity.

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Customization Ease

Perksy membership apps provide tailor-made member portals and product page widgets to reflect your brand's identity efficiently.

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Engaging Communication 

You can automatically send customized emails to clients and merchants to acknowledge their purchases and send premium membership updates.

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Valuable Insights

Track user interactions and glean key performance metrics through the app's analytics.

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