Easily personalize your products, set custom prices, and more

Allow your clients to create their own customized products utilizing a variety of option choices.
Enhance product options to make your clients more satisfied by including benefits like;

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Push To Store

It acts as a bridge between the winning product and Shopify. You can push products directly into your store and get ready to promote in seconds.

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Increasing Sales

You can create unlimited options to guide merchants in increasing sales.

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Easy setup

Easily set up product options with various prices so clients can select the best choice for their requirements.

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About Genie Product options

The genie product option allows you to customize your products easily. You can easily set custom prices on created opportunities and enable your clients to create their own customized products by utilizing a variety of option choices.

  • File upload, color swatch, variant picture, dropdown, checkbox, and text input.
  • Merchants can charge for the options added.
  • Create an unlimited number of options to assist merchants in increasing sales.
  • Compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes.

Features Of Genie Product Options

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Ease of Order Fulfillment

Users can set up inventory tracking per SKU when adding several product variants to Shopify.

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Efficient website Navigation 

The product search process becomes more organized, smoother, and more accessible with efficient website navigation.

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Ultimate customization

Users can create personalized products that can positively influence your business.

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Improve client experience

Allowing customers to view all available product options may make their experience more superficial and less complex.

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Improve conversion rates

Users can increase consumer confidence, consider their preferences, and make purchasing straightforward and clear.

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