Improve Your Users Search Journey

Predictive Search 2.0 is a user-friendly app designed to help users to get their desired search results with minimal effort.

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Easy Installation

You can easily install the app on your site and configure it instantly.

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User Experience

Improve your user experience by advancing the search process.

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Quick Process

Predictive Search reduces time as search is completed within seconds.

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About Predictive Search 2.0

Predictive Search 2.0 is a simple and a must-have app designed to help your users with searching the right product/service in the least possible time so they complete their purchase on your website.

  • Predicts search results with as little as 2 letters.
  • Offers relevant search results in the drop down menu.
  • When the user selects their result, they are directly taken to the right page to place the order.
  • Simple to use for users, no technical knowledge required.

Features Of Predictive Search 2.0

Use Predictive Search 2.0 for helping your users’ search efficiently and within seconds.

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Easy Search

Help your users search the relevant product/service easily as soon as they type a couple of letters.

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Search Type

You can create manual search by adding HTML and an automatic search if you want to automate the process.

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Quick Finds

This app helps the users to find their products/services quickly so they don’t waste their time or don’t change their mind.

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Instant Results

The app offers your users instant and relevant results according to your requirement so that the user should not leave your site without buying the product.

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Increased Sales

Users can find the products quickly hence increasing chances of sales.

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